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Last Sunday we dropped Gary at Perpignan airport, after a delicious lunch at Domaine Cazes, and prepared for our next arrival….Youri. He is a 21 year old who has just finished a photography course and is a friend of a friend’s son from Toulouse! For some strange reason he is keen to work with us and learn how to renovate whilst being paid very little but being housed and fed very well!

This is he…..

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We don’t know how long he will be with us, at least a month. He hitches home at the weekends and works with us during the week. It’s good to have another pair of hands!

This last week we have completed plumbing in the temporary bathroom and closed off 2 bedrooms and what will be the main bathroom, so all they need now is doors and they can be private and clean. Tomorrow we hope to start the electrics and then we can tackle plastering the walls. Of which I am hoping to be a natural expert, I have a lot of walls to do so it would be useful if I was good at it! We went to the artists paint shop in Carcassonne yesterday and had a crash course in tinting plaster, the idea is to add natural tints to the plaster which will mean that we do not need to paint all of the walls. Mmmm I think that this could be something that sounds easy on paper and ends up being complicated in reality, of course patchy walls are all the range you know!!

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