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Wine Challenge Game

A fun, yet informative tasting suitable for groups of 20+, particularly good for breaking the ice at wedding parties, team building at business events or just a lot of fun amongst friends. This tasting is ideal as an aperitif to a dinner, or can even be arranged over the course of dinner. If served as an aperitif there will be a light tapas dish to accompany each wine tasted.

How it works:

The party is divided into groups, ideally 4 to 10 per table, it is recommended to mix up the group so that guests get to know each other.  

Each table is given a quiz sheet and pen, one tasting glass per person, spittoon and a basket of bread  

There will be at least four wines tasted during the game, each wine is served separately and there are five multiple choice questions to answer on each wine. The event will start with a quick explanation on how to taste wine like a professional and some basic information on the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region. Then the idea is to work as a team to correctly answer the questions, Emma will be on hand to guide and assist, chatting to the tables whilst they are tasting and trying to answer the questions. Although prior wine knowledge is helpful it is not essential, as the questions are multiple choice and will cover a range of wine and food related subjects. After the elected time has passed the groups will swap answer sheets with their neighbouring table and Emma will talk you through the wines, answering the questions so that the quiz sheets can be marked but also giving extra information on the wines and the region they are from.  

The above will be repeated until all four wines have been tasted and quiz sheets marked. There will be a prize for the winning team!  

A fun packed event, where wine knowledge is not essential, informative for those that wish to learn but at the same time lighthearted enough that those not so keen will not feel left out.

A great way to kick-off an event and an introduction to the wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon.

The tasting will take approximately one and half hours, for example a 18h start to finish for 19h30


20 – 49 = 25€ per person

50 – 69 = 20€ per person

70+ = 15€ per person

The above prices are for a four wine tasting with tapas style aperitif, inclusive of prizes and staff.

For enquiries and more details please contact me

by phone 06 46 48 59 57 or email emmagkershaw@gmail.com.

Terms and conditions: Due to the high cost of ingredients and time involved in preparation a non-refundable deposit will be taken to secure your booking. All cancellations of less than 48 hours will be liable to be paid in full.

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