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What a blast

The weekend was not completely thrown over to hedonistic enjoyments!! Oh no we managed to get Dom in overalls and working a 12 hour day. We have hired a sandblaster to do the beams and the radiators and so we set that up yesterday. However the weather changed and the air was too humid and so we didn’t have much success unfortunately as the sand kept blocking due to the dampness in the air. We will try again today as the sun is out and hopefully the humidity will drop.

It is quite a machine as you will see from the photos. The compressor sits outside and then Chris had to dress up in what looks like a deep sea diving kit whilst I loaded up the pump and dodged the falling sand that he hosing the beams with. It felt like a harsh exfoliater and even with my mask and googles on it blinded me and got everywhere! When it works it does a great job, but boy what a mess, sand everywhere in yer pants in yer sandwiches you name it there is sand…

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So due to the humidity we gave up on the sandblaster and the boys looked to attack something else.

So thanks guys, now I have to pee in the open air!!! They knocked down the loo walls!!!

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