Wedding Bells

Well not ours obviously as ‘been there and done that’!!Last weekend was the mass exodus, as like rats fleeing the sinking ship our workawayers and other helpers left us. Sunday morning saw Rob, Chris and I head for Gerona airport and the lovely delights of Mr O’Leary and his crew taking us to Bristol.

It was only en route in the van that I noticed what Rob was wearing and start to worry. Rob was dressed in jeans, jumpers (yes plural) and boots. Chris and I on the other hand were wearing sandals and sundresses (me) linen trousers (Chris). Mmmm when we arrived at Bristol I understood why! We got on the plane and it was in the late twenties and got off to battleship grey skies and 12.5C!! Bejesus were we cold!!

We then spent 2 days in beautiful Somerset helping Theresa and Dave celebrate their wedding. It was a lovely time and they were very happy and everyone made merry. However it is with much shame that I have to confess that on the day of the wedding after dinner, around 20h, Chris and I sneaked off for a siesta. Not such a problem, however when we awoke everything was a blur. I said to Chris, christ I must have drank too much champagne I don’t remember anything after the dinner. To which he replied, uhuh there is nothing to remember as we conked out and missed the entire party!!!!! How crap are we?! So blooming exhausted that the moment we stopped we collapsed into a pathetic heap. I am not sure that Theresa will ever forgive me!

So like naughty children we crept out of the country house at 4am and made our way back to Bristol airport for our return flight. Have you very been to Bristol airport? If not, don’t bother, crikey what a nightmare, the whole of the south west was there at 6am. I have never had to queue so much in my life. We seemed to have bought the poor weather back with us, but hopefully not for long.

So yesterday I was back at work, tasting that is. I managed to pop by and see a new English winemaker called Katie Jones in Tuchan en route home. She is great and has had enormous success with the first vintage of her wines so I was delighted to show her white last night, partnered with my recipe of sweet peppers stuffed with brandade de morue – delicious. Recipe to follow, but if you are interested in tasting her wines go to

Last night whilst I was busy teaching Chris picked up our latest work away, Rory. Rory is a young kiwi who is having the time of his life traveling the world and has ended up in Coustouge with us! Luckily he has plenty of building experience as that is what he did back home and is currently bouncing around in the eaves putting in chevrons. It is great to have someone who is experienced and can get on with a job. Am thinking of hiding his passport until all the internal walls and insulation is done!!!


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