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It is the 22nd of Feb and I am sitting in Toulouse airport waiting for my plane to take me to London where I am teaching for the next 2 weeks. So a break from the building for a wee while.

I leave behind just over half a built outside wall. Rain and frost thwarted us from completion, but we are water tight inside the house now which is a huge relief. Neither of us will work on the house as Chris is busy with clients also at the moment.

He has 12 clients all of whom need work completing so he has decided to refuse any more work for the next 6 months which will allow him to complete those jobs and work on our place.

So when I get back we can look at removing all the old chimneys, all with asbestos, making good the roof, putting in a new chimney and finally the insulation! We are still going back and forth on what to use but we have been offered a very good price on fibre de bois so I think it will win out. It is very Eco, very insulative for both heat loss and gain, can get damp without it being a problem ( leaks in old roofs are likely) and is easy and nice to put up. The down side? It is expensive and not very fire resistant which means we have got to get the electrics right and no smoking on the roof!!!

I will be delighted when we have done with the insulation as the amount of time we have spent researching and discussing it is bonkers!!!

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