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Uh oh trouble is in town!!

And his name is Dom! Dom Griffiths came over from London to stay this weekend, which was both fun and exhausting! When you are working 12 hour days it is hard to squeeze in partying too.

However after going to the dump and buying more materials we took the rest of Saturday off which was much needed and good fun. We went to Narbonne and had lunch at Chez Bebelle, a fab restaurant stall within the market run by Giles, ex France rugby player and local hero. He is a lovely guy with hands the size of cricketball gloves and arms the size of thighs!! It is meat, meat and only meat at this restaurant. You order from a short selection, he then picks up a megaphone and orders from the butcher, who cuts it there and then, wraps it is paper and lobs it across the market where Giles expertly catches it and it gets cooked!! The best chips in town, and the freshest of meats.

Anyhow it was nice not to have to cook for a chance. Narbonne is a lovely city, situated on the water and very pretty with an amazing cathedral.

From left to right

Sharon, Jason, Jonty, Dom and Chris

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