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The Swedes are Back!

After a much needed quiet week alone, catching up on paperwork, organisation and small jobs we drove back to Banyuls on Sunday to pick up the boys. They were very happy to get back to a comfy bed and being fed after a week of very basic camping, I hadn’t realised that they didn’t have a knife and fork let alone anything to cook with!!

The weather has turned autumnal although it is far from cold. However we are feeling the difference in the shower as Emmanuel was unable to light the chaudière last week due to the wrong part being sent from the factory, which means we are still reliant on solar for washing with! On the whole this is not a problem as it is still in the early 20’s however yesterday’s shower was decidedly not hot! All being well Manu should be back on Thursday and we will then have the freedom of lighting the burner or using solar power.

This week we have got the boys up in the rafters plastering. We have started to tape and plaster the joins and screw holes in the plaster board. This is a lot easier than plastering a wall however the finish is not as good so although it will be fine for the ceilings which are 5m high but the walls will have to be plastered as well sadly! The boys have been doing a grand job, and are at ease up on the scaffolding planks which is great. However the house now looks like a bomb again, ho hum! So far we have managed the first coat in most of the hallway, it now all needs sanding back and then another coat and then more sanding before we can even think of painting!!!

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  • garth
    Posted October 25, 2011 4:26 pm 0Likes

    I’m impressed! plastering ceiling can be messy!

    • lamaisondurire
      Posted October 25, 2011 5:05 pm 0Likes

      Aaah that is for sure! But we are taping and plastering not plastering the entire ceiling so less messy and easier.

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