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The Man with the Golden….Radiator???

To be fair it was supposed to be bronze, it looked bronze on the tin. Oh well nothing like a bit of bling in your life, although admittedly unusual bling! The good people of Coustouge will think that les anglais are so rich that even their radiators are made from gold!!!

As I mentioned in my last post work on the house has slowed down as we have changed focus onto earning money rather than spending it. Boring! That said we have taken advantage of having an empty house to complete the spare room which we are doing slowly over this month. We have done the first layer of taping and plastering the ceiling, which I have sanded down ready for the next coat. Then on Saturday we plastered one of the walls, it was one of the worst walls as the top and the bottom had a difference of at least 3 cm between them which we had to make good. Anyhow I am delighted to say we have done a pretty good job. We are no longer using the awful Lutuce Bleu plaster that Pierre had recommended. Awful, awful stuff it goes from too runny to rock hard in a matter of minutes and is a nightmare to make good. Sadly we have several walls in the other rooms that have been done with this stuff which we will have to either cover up or redo. The plaster recommended by Vincent, god of plastering! Was much, much better. It is still bloody hard to do but at least the consistency is better and it is easier to make good. The other wall we did with a product called Monolys, which Dom the architect sold to us. It is lime based so can only be used on brick or stone, not plasterboard, and it gives a rougher finish. I didn’t particularly enjoy working with it but the finish is good and Dom was most complementary on our handiwork when he popped by the other day, and that doesn’t happen often!! I am not sure whether Vincent will be impressed, but I think that he will agree that we have improved a lot.

I meant to take lots of photos but the thing about plastering is you have to move fast and there is no time to snap away. So now we are waiting for the walls to dry out, this takes longer at this time of year of course. Then I will paint them and then we can do the floor. We are still toying with underfloor heating in this part of the house, it is at a lower level than the front so easier to do and it is where our main living rooms are. We visited Dom and Jayne in the UK and they have it in their extension and it was lovely. If we do we won’t be able to put it in place until next winter but we could get the pipes in ready. Once this room is complete we will move into it and then we can finish off the room that we are currently in, it isn’t far off with only the ceiling to plaster, some making good, painting and the floor to do.

My aim is to have completed two bedrooms and the main bathroom by Feb/March. But don’t hold me to it as things have a habit of getting in the way…..

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