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The Langtons are in town…

I haven’t had a moment to write for awhile now as I have been super busy with work and super distracted with my family whom have been staying with us. My sister Liza, husband Steve and 2 boys, Tomas and Ben, all arrived last Monday. They were supposed to arrive at lunch time however they actually arrived around 20h after spending the best part of the day in Toulouse hospital. Poor Tomas had managed to cycle into a tree, as you do, and damaged his arm which was all swollen and painful.

Anyhow just before they arrived Chris and I managed to get the 1st of the hallway lights in, which was something we had been meaning to do for a while. It is a dangerous house, what with it being a building site after all.There are many things to trip over, stub your toe on, walk into and fall over!! So getting lighting in the hallway just ensured that if anyone needed a pee in the middle of the night they would be less likely to walk into the big hole in the floor!

We weren’t sure what Liza and Steve would be up for, if indeed anything. But on doing the tour of the house it became apparent that Ben was keen to use as much of Chris’ scary equipment as possible, the bigger the blade the better! Steve on the hand being a keen gardener started to quiz me on what I wanted to do with the garden, which I had a rough idea on. The next day both Chris and I were busy with our respective work so we left them to amuse themselves. After lunch they boys excitedly showed me their design for the garden, which was great. There was a zen zone, a veggie patch, a lounging area, a rockery. So I jokingly told them to get on with it and that I expected it completed by the end of the week!

Well it may not be complete but they have worked wonders on our garden. The garden has not been an area of great importance to us as we have so much to do in the house, so it is great to have someone who has the skills to put my vague ideas into reality. There is a veggie patch with 3 beds ready for compost and planting, a zen area complete with pebbles, a retaining wall ready to be dry-stoned and an area that we can either sow with grass seeds or think of something else (I am not convinced about grass here as it just turns brown and dies in the summer). They even worked the night shift on Friday to finish the wall so that we could go to the mountains for the weekend. Which puts them at the top of the league table for workaways, sorry Rory!


So we now have the beginnings of a garden, which means when we get other visitors or workawayers who are good in the garden they have something to work on. So a huge thanks to Steve and Liza and the boys

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