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The Great Wall of Coustouge

We started work this week on our wall, which will extend the terrace from the kitchen and will also take all (or a great part of ) the rubble from the ceilings and walls that we are tearing down. Much like Rome it wasn’t built in a day, partly due to the heavens opening up on Thursday afternoon which flooded the area so we were forced indoors for the afternoon! Partly due to it just being the 2 of us.

I am now an expert on mixing concrete, it’s much like cooking although my technic is more Floyd than Delia! Concrete à L’Orange is on tonight’s menu!! Now which wine to accompany, something robust I think! Pic St Loup perhaps?

When the wall is completed we will clad it the old stone to make it a thing of beauty. Thanks to the rain we have now removed all of the false ceilings in the house, which is nasty, filthy work. Now it is a question of clearing up the chaos!

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