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The Good Life

Well we may not be Tom and Barbara but we do try and grow our own!! Today I planted out 15 lettuces and some chives in the front terrace and we bought the first of our fruit trees. Mum, Dad, Liza and Steve all kindly bought us fruit trees for our Christmas presents last year, we have no budget for the garden so everything has to be donated!

This is getting to the last week when we can still plant out before summer arrives, it is also the last week before Jonty leaves and we need his expertise. So this morning we went to the pépinière in Narbonne and chose 3 fruit trees and a bay tree. The lady who runs the place was very helpful and explained everything in detail, which I need as I have great aspirations of being a gardener but very little knowhow!

We have 2 cherries, they have to come in pairs to pollenate apparently. Both are variations of the bigarreaux cerise which is huge and juicy, yum! One will fruit on the 20th of May and the other on the 15th of June. I am not sure that it is that precise but that is what the lady said!! We also got an abricot du Roussillon, I love apricots and these are the pinkish ones. We might get a couple of apples in before the end of April but everything else will need to wait until September.

Here are some photos of Jonts teaching me how to plant a fruit. The funny pyramid thingies are food and you pop it into the base like suppository!! Well that is what I was told. If you feed a fruit tree for the first 3 years the roots won’t bed in properly and it becomes lazy and produces very little fruit, these cones will give the correct nutrients whilst encouraging root growth. Clever huh!

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