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The Front Terrace

We have finally finished what Patrick started for us in the summer. The front terrace is complete, well almost as there are always little things to change and adjust.

After Patrick had brought up the levels on the right hand side of the terrace we sourced flat stones from our friend Yves vineyard then cemented and grouted them in.

We then started work on the lefthand side, firstly cleaning out the old petrol tank so that we can turn it into a well for rain water to water the plants. Not a nice job that but now that it is done we await the rain! We had to build up the sides of the well to take it up to floor level, this we did by using old bins to bring the height up and rubble to fill in the sides. All of this is unseen and took a lot less time than building the sides up in brick or stone.

We then sorted the levels for our very uneven floor and filled it with more rubble and then a layer of sand and cement. The finish wasn’t very attractive so we covered it with a thin screed of yellow sand and white cement to match the colour of the walls. It’s a tad orange right now but when it dries completely it will be the same colour as the walls, a pale sandy yellow. And today we finally received the correct ironmongery for the beautiful gate that Chris made, so we have hung it and it looks fab!

So at long last the front of the house, which has been such an eye sore is now looking good. Although I still want to re-render the front……


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