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The eyes of the house

Finally after a year and a half we have all our windows in. Which means we have light and we are wind proofed!

The other night I walked down the corridor and outside the Tramontane was up and howling away, and for the first time since buying the house in December 2010, I couldn’t feel it whistling down the corridor and blowing the dust about. The windows look beautiful, Chris has done a wonderful job. I just need to give the outsides a second coat of paint, if Louis will let me.

The window above the front door

The hallway
One of the windows in the living room
The second window in the living room

Meanwhile Fred has been working on the dry stone wall outside. He has done an amazing job and the big wall is all but finished. He had to stop as we had all the firewood piled up on the terrace drying for winter. So yesterday James, Chris, Doug and I moved over 10 tonnes of firewood! This is roughly 25 cubic metres of wood!!! And it is all sitting in our wood store which is above the wine cellar, which houses my wines! Nervous? Me? Never!

I have to confess when we started I thought we would never get it all done, especially as Jean’s friends Marion and Catherine were coming for lunch. However James is an expert stacker and a hard worker, and Chris was very determined!

Fred, half way on the big stone wall

The wall is very deep and very solid

James in the wood store that he has very neatly stacked

Chris checking the strength of his flooring above the cellar!

Doug attacking the last of the wood, possibly wishing he hadn’t volunteered to help us move it!

And with the last of the wood moved we reclaim our terrace



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