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The Dinosaur and the Hockey Stick

It’s been a busy week here in Coustouge. Last week we were contacted by a couple of workawayers looking for a last minute place, and although we weren’t going to take anyone else in until the November couple arrive, we changed our mind as they seemed not only nice but he had eco building experience and knew some carpentry. So we said yes, and along came Jess and Charlie, a lovely couple from the Welsh borders, slightly alternative, very musical, easy company and very helpful.

This week has been the week of the ‘escalier’!! It has been a long time coming. It has changed direction and style on many, many occasions! Confounded Chris and driven me mad! However, it is started and the most complicated part is in, and it looks blooming marvelous! The string is in place, the handrail is up, the structure is built and Chris is getting ready to prepare the steps and then they will go in. So fingers and toes crossed we should have a working staircase very, very soon! Goodbye ladder, hello stairs.

Charlie has been very good helping Chris with the stairs. He has built his first stud wall and put the noggins in place to take the steps. Jess has painted the kitchen wall with a second coat of lime wash, cleaned up the tie-bar and painted it matt black ready for it to go back into place, and cleaned up and painted several radiators. All good stuff.

So to celebrate, and reward their hard work, last night we threw an impromptu Halloween party. Invited the neighbours, got everyone dressed up, made lots of good food, drank some fine wine. And then Jess and Charlie played for us. Chris Collins, one of our neighbours, came with his double bass so we ended up with a jamming session! Not bad for a Wednesday night in a country that doesn’t really get Halloween!!

Tomorrow they leave us. I shall look forward to buying their album, they are a talented pair and it is been fab listening to them play all week. Oh well Louis back to mummy and daddy’s tuneless crooning now!!

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