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The beginning of the end!

They are in! At long last we have the floor in in the dining room/wine school. A momentous occasion for us, it is a year late but we had one hurdle after another thrown at us so it is amazing to have finally done the unimaginable!

After a lot of hoo-ing and ha-ing we finally decided to make our own floorboards out of Douglas Fir. Local, sustainable, hardwearing and the width that we wanted. It was a lot of work but the result is great. We have a mix of boards measuring between 35cm and 25 cm in width but because the space is so big and the tiles in the kitchen are so big, they do not look out of place at all.

It was back breaking work and we are aching all over today but it is done. And although we still have the office and the spare room upstairs to do, this is quite a ground breaking moment for us what is left seems very achievable in comparison!

IMG_4544 IMG_4545 IMG_4546 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4550 IMG_4555 IMG_4559 IMG_4560 IMG_4561

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