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The 3 Musketeers

came to stay this week. No sooner had we waved the Langtons off then we had a quick turn around, washed the sheets, cleaned up and restocked the fridge as Carrie, Gaspard and Ned arrived on Wednesday. Carrie is one of the 1st people that we met when we moved out here and we spent our 1st Christmas in Bouriege together. She doesn’t live here however and is currently studying Fine Art in Brighton. Being a sculptress she is very handy with tools! Gaspard is Garth’s little (?) brother, he looks uncannily like Garth but has bigger muscles, which we used to our advantage! Ned is an oesteopath, but I didn’t get a treatment even though my back was killing me, how did that happen! He is also in a rock n’ roll band, a comedian and Mr Zen.

We had hoped to put in the straw bale wall with them as that requires many hands to load the van at one end, unload here and then stack and carve into shape. Unfortunately however Mr Straw Bale man was on holiday. Bummer. So instead we had lunch and then got them to help finish off the electrics in the hallway ready to plaster board the next day. And on Thursday we worked them hard as we managed to complete all the plaster board in the hallway and a wall in our bedroom. Huge task as we have very tall walls and not everyone is keen on bouncing around on the beams, especially with heavy sheets of plaster board. So thanks guys!

The hallway now looks very bright and the house is looking a bit like Plaster Board Palace! However on Monday Emmanuelle comes back to complete the eco heating system so we cannot do anything about that as all our efforts need to be on plumbing in the radiators. Which is Chris’ cauchemar as he hates plumbing and it is super complicated. Do we use copper, multicouche or PER? Are we going to run separate zones, thermastatic valves, 16mm, 22mm or 32mm tubes?? The questions go on. And the utter pain is that after all the cost of installing the system and all the research, we cannot afford to plumb in all of the radiators at once! We have to try to do 2 rooms and then see how we go from there! Bloody money…

We now have Clare Young with us for the weekend. As she has been so poorly we are going to go gently on her and have started her time with us with a leisurely lunch, a walk around the village and an impromptu dinner with friends. We’ll crack the whip on Monday!!

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