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“That’s going to really hurt

when that comes out” so said Tullulah aged 4,  poking me in the belly! Lovely just what I needed to hear, graphic birthing advice from Garth’s sweet faced niece! Anyhow I shall ignore that for now….

Work on the house was slowed due to paid work and various other disruptions, but last week it was all steam ahead. We took advantage of the fact that the spare room was empty to finish it off. So Chris and I plastered the ceiling and took a look at the plasterboard wall which Garth and I had plastered way back in April last year. We had used the wrong sort of plaster and it was coming off in patches and had been driving Chris and I mad whilst lying in bed looking at it! We tried to save it thinking we could patch it up, but sadly no, it all fell off and we had to start again. It is depressing having to redo things but to be fair we have not had to do that often.

Plaster comes off

Amazing how quickly it comes off. If only it went up as quick!

Just when we thought that we had plastering down pat it goes and proves us wrong! For some reason that I cannot fathom, the plaster decided to set super quick whilst we were using it, it was as if we were using the awful Lutuce Bleu again. So Chris and I had to work  at high speed to get it on the wall before it turned rock solid, and we had no helpers this time. It was a nightmare. Anyhow it is done and the result, although not as good as our last few walls, is a vast improvement on what was there before. Shame it had to be the biggest wall in the room though!

I then spent the rest of the week sanding and painting the ceilings and walls. Sanding the ceilings is no fun as you cannot help but get it in your eyes, it is impossible to wear googles and a mask at the same time as the googles steam up! I have also not worked out yet how to paint the ceiling without painting myself, I am sure that the professionals don’t look like I do when they paint!

It looks great and we now have another room that is almost complete and closed off from any drafts. The floor, which looks OK in the pictures below, needs replacing as in reality it is a rather ugly and cold 1970’s tile, which now has a lot of paint and plaster splattered on it. We shall lay wooden boards when we have a moment and the funds to get them. Tiles in the bedroom are very cold which is OK if you live in a very hot country and although it does get up to 40C here, and summer is longer than winter, I am not keen on jumping out of bed onto a cold floor at anytime of year.

It is Sunday today and we are reading last weeks Sunday papers (grace à ma soeur) and drinking coffee in bed whilst summing up the energy to lay the bathroom floor! The sun is shining and streaming through the windows and we have gone from -10C to 21C, crazy weather but I hope it stays.

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