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That’s Another Fine Mess You’ve Got Me Into…

So a couple of Sundays ago it was just Chris, Louis and I. We usually try to make Sundays if not a day off then at least easy. It was on a wet and grey Sunday that I had the bright idea that we should replace the tie bar that Jess had painted so beautifully.

We had removed the tie bar about a year ago as it fell in line with where we wanted to put the French doors in the living room and bedroom. It wasn’t actually doing anything at that point as it was too loose, but we had always said that we would put it back and tighten it up just to be on the safe side.

So now seemed as a good a time as any. The bar would now go above the windows and we had the idea to use it as a curtain rail, as I had bought with me the beautiful curtains that my mum made me in London.

OK scene set now try and imagine two solid cast iron tie bars measuring over 5 metres in length each. Now think about the weight of said bar. And there was just the two of us! Me and my bright ideas! 3.5 hours later, after a lot of sweating, back breaking lifting we finally get the damn things into place only to find that the piece that joins the bars together has got damaged and the thread will not go onto the end of one of them!

Anyhow two weeks later we have had the thread fixed by a little man for the whopping sum of 5€. However the outside still needs tightening and we cannot do that until Olaf comes back to weld it into place. At least with it in place we can stop tripping up over it!

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