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That Friday feeling

It is 19h30 on Friday evening and we are pooped and looking forward to a beer! However great things have happened this week. We have a bedroom ready for cleaning and furnishing plus, as from an hour ago, a kitchen and bathroom.

Rory has been a wonder with the railing and plaster boarding, makes such a difference when you have someone who knows how. Aaah that’s why people pay professionals! The kitchen is divided from the bathroom with a proper wall instead of the curtain that we were going to do. So much more practical and private. Both kitchen and bathroom are very ugly as they have the remains of old paint, stripped wall paper and concrete from tiles. Oh Gary I shouldn’t have got you to remove those tiles after all!!! Anyhow it is functioning and we have just moved in the cooker, dishwasher and washing machine. They look very out of place in such a kitchen! I am sooo looking forward to using my lovely cooker again, plus a washing machine and dishwasher that works. if they work of course, famous last words what with moving n’all.

So tomorrow I shall try to make semblance of these two rooms so that early next week we can get the spare room ready and doors on. That way we are ready to rock n’roll and move in. Get the champers ready!



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