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Thank heavens for damp!

Not a phrase one would usually use, so let me explain. After enjoying the most glorious warm and sunny weather it is blowing a hooley today! Il pleut des cords as they say over here. No English drizzle in the Corbières oh no, great buckets of rain from the sky with super strong gusts of wind, which all sound pretty scary here as we are minus several windows and only have wooden frames with light plastic keeping the elements out.u

Anyhow due to the weather I have not only found all of the weak spots in the roof. We have 3 leaks, but I have happily been able to strip some of the frightening 60’s wallpaper off of the walls with very little effort on my part as it peeled off like sunburnt skin! Which has given me great pleasure as I have been informed that there will be no beautifying of the house until much later in the year! So at least I do not have to be subjected to furry wallpaper!!

Down with the carpet paper. Why would you? Really they took far too many drugs in the 60’s!!

On another note we have the River Ganges running outside the house which means I have to do the long jump to get in or out, and Chris has a water feature in his workshop that he might not be too pleased about. Oh well it will be dark when he gets in tonight so maybe he won’t notice.

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