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Soirée sushi

Unlike David Tennant, I love sushi! Strangely, or perhaps because of that, I have never attempted to make it myself at home. I have come across too many…

Chili Sin Carne

I am definitely in the mood for spice at the moment, I have been cooking up Chinese, Thai and Indian food non-stop. So last night I decided to…
Vegan Blue Cheese

Vegan Blue Cheese

This summer I had a some vegan clients.  I often get vegetarian or pescatarian clients and people with gluten intolerances, however veganism is rarer and a more complex…

Preserved Courgettes

Preserved Courgettes

What to do with that glut of courgettes! At this time of year you may well have had your fill of courgette carpaccio, ratatouille and courgette pasta so…

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