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I have decided is not as much fun as it sounds! Many thanks to everyone who replied to my cries of help re the wallpaper, Dorothy came up trumps by actually posting me her wallpaper stripper which was a god send. However it still took an afternoon to get the blooming pink flowers off of the bathroom walls! It is done and I now have 2 more rooms to attack, quel horreur!


  • Dingle Van Does Europe
    Posted April 20, 2011 8:29 pm 0Likes

    Hi Chris and Emma,
    Do you have a bathroom yet? Do you have a room yet?!!!
    We both love reading the blog, and it seems that you’ve done so much since we left. Sorry to hear that the sandblasting proved to be a nightmare experience.
    Spent 2 weeks at a workaway near Florence which was great, though the owners are still attempting to finish their ground floor after 6 years! I’m sure you guys will get yours done so much quicker than that!!! Now working on the east coast of Italy, then off to Greece for about a month. The route from there gets a little hazy, but maybe we’ll be popping by to see you start of August? We’ll let you know nearer the time. In the meantime we’ll keep checking your blog. Hope you get the chance to look at ours every now and again. Congrats on the progress. Take care. Love Sharon and Jason xx

    • Emma Kershaw
      Posted April 21, 2011 11:26 am 0Likes

      Hi Guys
      Great to hear from you, I read about your alfresco showering arrangement! Made me think we had been too soft on you, next time we will get you to bathe in the stream!!!
      Two steps forward one step back here! Last night we finished the walls of the first room, however we still do not have the plumbing in, although we have the right holes and all the fixtures. Looks like we will be still at the gites until the end of May as we have Chris’ uncle coming and workaways so we will not have 3 bedrooms finished in time!!
      Let us know when you are next in the area, we would be delighted to have you back!
      Emma and Chris x

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