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Stairway to Heaven!

Drum roll………………………

It is finished! We have stairs!! Two years of using a very steep ladder, carrying things up and down, heavily pregnant and it’s all over now. Forgotten.

Two years of head scratching, planning, discussions, building 3D versions in lego then wood. More discussions and plans with Matthieu and Dom. Planning again. Changing direction, changing style. More head scratching!

It’s not easy making a staircase, especially one that is so big and that wasn’t actually meant to be there. After all the downstairs has historically been agricultural and so there has never been a way to connect with the upstairs from the inside. But Chris has done it. He has not only made a very functional staircase but an object of beauty. The wood is all local chestnut and the spindles are hand forged in iron from the Ventoux, about 2 hours north of us.

So here we go, my photos don’t do it justice (Meliana will have to come and take some for me!) and the treads are covered with cardboard to protect them whilst we are still a building site, but hopefully you get the idea.


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