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Spring clean and terre cuite

We’ve had a tough week to say the least but work must continue and it has. Last week I started to paint the front of the house, the same colour as the side, the exact same lime wash mix in fact. So imagine my horror when instead of painting the house a lovely light ‘cafe au lait’ colour it turned pink! No idea why, but it had to be rectified, there was no way we were living in a pink house! So at the weekend with 20+C on the terrace I remixed the lime wash and set to repainting the house. We now have a white house! Windows and window surrounds to follow….

But the major task of the week, possibly the year, was laying the hallway floor. The terre cuit that we had cleaned last summer with the help of our American workawayers Matt and Miranda. To do this we needed help as tiling, and tiling terre cuit, was a new skill for us. But then we were not us as Chris had to return to the UK, so with the help and expertise of our friend and neighbour Chris (I swapped one Chris for another!) I set to laying the floor. It was hard work, I am knackered, covered in cuts and bruises and everything hurts! As ever we had a large surface area to cover, we started at the door and worked up the hallway and Chris was an excellent teacher. We managed to get the hallway done in the 3 days he had set aside for us and then Chris was replaced by our architect friend Matthieu on Friday, when despite the odds, we tiled the whole of the landing and completed the tiling.

It was a mammoth feat only made possible by the help of our friends, Valerie and Matthieu who ferried Louis back and forth to the creche and looked after him whilst I worked long hours, and then Matthieu and Chris whom generously lent me their expertise in laying the tiles.

So when Chris (husband) returned last night he found two surprises awaiting him. A hallway that was tiled, and Sunil cooking dinner after spending a day prepping all the wood for Chris job so that even though he is behind schedule he is in a better place than he imagined. Life would be nothing without friends!

Of course now we have to grout, any helpers??????

Chris doing the complicated calculations



The end of Day One



The end of Day Two

IMG_3489IMG_3490Louis enjoying walking the plank!







Lunch time Day Three

Day Four
IMG_3495 IMG_3496

IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3499 IMG_3500Almost finished Matthieu and then you can go home!


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