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Solar panels and other animals

So sadly Emmanuel grossly miscalculated how long it would take him to install our heating system and even with Chris helping and working all day Saturday, it still isn’t complete. So he left late Saturday to return to the Drome (Rhone Valley) where he is based and we expect him back next week sometime with the missing piece of equipment and to finish off the installation. It should take another 3 days work. It is amazing how complex this system is to install, but then how easy it is to run.

However the solar panels are up on the roof but they are currently covered with a tarpaulin as he didn’t want to leave them exposed as they are not properly fitted. That said they reached over 95⁰C the other day! Apparently they go up to 150⁰C. The huge flue is in place and looking very impressive on the roof. They broke loads of tiles fixing the panels and the flue which all had to be replaced before any rain came. The wood burner is in place as is all of the copper piping. So he is almost there, but not quite.

On our side we need to make some alterations to the radiators that we plumbed in the other day as we had a few leaks from 2 of them. Great! We have another 16 to do so hopefully we will get the hang of it by the end!

My parents are over for 10 days, so before they arrived Chris and I ‘Dapper-proofed’ the house! Dapper is the my dad’s nickname, as he is, very! But he also has very poor eyesight due to his diabetes, which was a huge worry as we live in a building site with lots of things to trip over and a whacking big hole in the middle of the hallway! So we redid the banisters so that neither big nor small people can fall through. We have also positioned it in the actual place that we will have the banisters when we get round to building the staircase which gives us an idea of what it will look like. We then illuminated the step that Tomas damaged himself on as it is a prime location for toe stubbing or even better toe stubbing followed by tripping up and then falling down the hole!! However it does rather look like Christmas has come and Pierre did come down the ladder singing ‘I wish you a Merry Christmas’ yesterday!!

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