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Shut that door!

Last week Chris and I, well mainly Chris to be honest, worked on the door liners and doors. Now if you have been to our house you will have noticed that there are already door liners and doors so you might wonder why we were wasting our time redoing them. Well unfortunately they were done in a hurry by inexperienced helpers before we moved in back in 2011 and so they weren’t right and the doors didn’t hang properly and we can’t start to put the architrave on until they were fixed, or plaster the hallway for that matter.

So after two days of fiddly faffing, Chris has rehung the liners and rebuilt the doors. We have salvaged the original doors from the house, several were in a very bad state especially the one on our bedroom as it happens. So it is delight to be rid of the custard coloured paint and have a door which is neither sloping nor with great cracks in it.

‘We should have done this earlier’ said Chris. ‘Indeed’ said I!!!

A well hung door!
A well hung door!


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