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Sarah and Andy

We gave our workaways a well deserved day off on Thursday and they headed to Collioure and collapsed in the sun for the day. So yesterday, Friday, they did the first coat of lime wash on the new walls. Andy was keen to leave feeling like they had made a difference. Andy there is no doubt about it, you made a difference, the place looks great!

Whilst they were with us they gave the upstairs hallway and our bedroom/bathroom suite a 3rd coat of lime wash which has made a huge difference as it was rather patchy before and now it is very light and bright. They also were a part of the rendering team and helped with making the downstairs room into the beginnings of a kitchen/dining room/school. Then the very important tidying up afterwards, often overlooked but hugely important to the comfort of everyday living in a building site.

Although we have made a start on the downstairs to be honest we won’t be doing much more in there, other than more coats of whitewash, until next year. The reason for doing the rendering now was really to ensure that this winter we will not get lots of cold draughts rushing upstairs every time the wind blows.

Anyhow Sarah and Andy were our experiment to see how we would cope having strangers in the house with Louis. Well it went very well as they were very easy company and seemed to like Louis, and vice-a versa. I think we were also their experiment for them to see how the workaway system functions and whether it suits them when they go travelling next year. I think they liked it, well they said they did.

They left us today to have a 24 hours of freedom exploring the area before returning home to the UK. There is always room at La Maison du Rire for you guys if you want to return!

When they arrived last Sunday Sarah told me that I had taught her brother when I was at Vinecole in 2009. Funny old word heh!

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