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Safely safely

En fin we have managed to get some gates on the driveway which not only gives us some privacy but most importantly keeps Louis and his chums safe! We had several very solid and well made fences in the remise down below, so as it was proving impossible to find quality wrought iron gates the size that we needed for the price that we could afford, we decided to adapt the fences into gates.

Et voila, they look great and work a treat.

IMG_4526 IMG_4527 IMG_4528 IMG_4529

Whilst we were at it we used up the left over fence to make a small gate on the stone steps on the back terrace. So we are now officially safe!!


We have also started work on our new office, we have put in the mezzanine floor using old boards that we took out from the house when we first got it, they were being used as a ceiling. They took some cleaning but have come up great, really characterful. We have put in the electrics and some of the plasterboard, we ran out and need to get more to finish it. Then when Rob gets here we are going to take out the ugly old aluminum window and replace it with a traditional wooden one to match the others that Chris has made. As it smaller it will take some masonry work first to enlarge the hole to match what it originally was. Boy will I be glad to get rid of that monstrosity!


Bought this fab old armchair for 15€, absolute steal and we will use it to for clients when we have meetings in our new office.

And if we didn’t have enough to do we are making our own floorboards for the dining room/wine school!!! We wanted over sized floorboards to match the large floor tiles that are in the kitchen and you cannot buy anything over 22cm regardless of cost, they just don’t make them big anymore. So Chris bought a load of Douglas Fir planks and we have been converting them into floor boards. Bloody hell I won’t be doing this again in a hurry, we both have been doing them and they are a lot of work! First cutting off the bark (Chris) then thicknessing, twice (Emma) rough sanding (Emma) treating with bug repellent twice (Emma) cutting to size (Chris) tongue and grooving (Chris) grooving the undersides to prevent warping (Chris) soft sanding (Emma). We have done half so far, as the bits for the tongue and grooving broke so we await the new pieces! They then need to acclimatise in the dining room and then we can lay them and then sand again and oil!!

What are we like!!!!


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