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Our latest work away Rory arrived last Thursday evening, he had spent 4 days in Narbonne and so was delighted to be picked up by Chris and taken to Coustouge. 4 days in Narbonne when you don’t speak a work of French is testing to say the least. We are not sure how long he will stay, I think he will get cabin fever fairly soon. He is after all only 24, alone, without transport and doesn’t speak any French. Coustouge is very beautiful but there ain’t a lot to do here if you are not into walking and cycling. To top it all the weather is a bit pants right now!

Anyhow Rory has been working full days with us as he said he would get bored otherwise, which is great for us as we have a week to be in and he is more experienced at putting up plasterboard and stud walls then we are. He is a very nice fella, rather bouncy so we have nicknamed him tigger!!

We took him to the Fleur en Vigne at Roquetaillade at the weekend. This is a wine fête with tastings, art, music and food. There are a lot of English speakers in that neck of the woods so he had a whale of a time experiencing new foods and wines. All our friends were offering him work as everyone we know is renovating! So if he was of a mind I think he could happily stay in the region for the next 6 months and not spend a penny. I can’t imagine he will as he is traveling the world and there are so many things to see.

Yesterday was a momentous day as we have completed what will be our temporary bedroom. We haven’t decorated it or put down nice floors, however we have a plasterboard ceiling and a door that closes. This means that we can start to clean up and set it up as a bedroom to move in. Quite something.

The rest of the week we will work on the kitchen/bathroom area and the spare bedroom and main bathroom. Fingers crossed we make our wedding anniversary deadline to move in!!!


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