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Rory and Rammy

So last Thursday en route to pick up more plaster board Chris also picked up our new workawayer Ramanus. He is from Lithuania, I don’t know much about Lithuania nor did the boys, but we had a crash course that night. There are only 3 million Lithuanians and it is very flat, with the largest mountain being more like a hill at 300m. It is a much better country since the Russians left and the young generation don’t speak Russian anymore. There is no translation for ‘you are welcome’!  Well that is about it!!

Ramanus did some carpentry many years ago so under Chris and Rory’s instruction he is working very well. Rory and Ramanus, chalk and cheese. Rory = bouncy, non stop talking and laughing. Ramanus = quiet and studious, says very little. However they work well together and much has been achieved.

Saturday night was our village fête, which we took the boys to. The fête was fun, the food was dire – whoever said the French know how to cook! And we had a terrific thunderstorm in the middle of it and got soaking wet! The 2 boys got very drunk and I had to carry Rory home and put him to bed, no mean feat with a bouncy, pissed Kiwi!! However there were 185 people in the square all making merry, which isn’t bad considering that there are less than 100 habitants in Coustouge.

Today is Rory’s last day as he is being whisked off to Belgium by some bombshell that he met in Barcelona. Lucky sod even got his ticket paid for! Ramanus is with us until Friday so we are getting as much stud walling and plaster boarding done as we can before they go. We now have the shape of our bedroom up which is taking some time to get used to. It has been open for so long it is weird to see walls and because we haven’t got all of the windows open and fixed it is darker than before. Ramanus has finished all the noggins and insulating the bits in between the walls and the ceiling ready for us to put in the electrics in the hallway and then plasterboard. Chris and Rory have started on the stud walls for downstairs and we have 3 windows in. I on the other hand have had back to back events so have been working less on the house and more on bringing the funds in, which seems to go on plaster board, chevrons and beer!!!

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We had a lot of discussion about the windows. Rory thought we should have them without baguettes (the wooden bars), Chris wasn’t sure because they weren’t necessary and I wanted baguettes. So I posted a photo on Facebook and asked for opinions and got a resounding ‘baguettes on’, so I won and now that they are in both boys agree that they look really good! It is exciting as it is the 1st time we have done something that you can see from the outside, other than my veggie plot that is.

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