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Render your a Womble

On a grey and dull Sunday our new workaways Sarah and Andy arrived. We fed them lunch and lulled them into a false sense of relaxation as we chatted and then took a tour of the village, to return home to tea, a fire and a slap up meal Little did they know what we had in store for them……..

Actually they were keen and enthusiastic from the start. A lovely couple from snazzy Surbiton, we were their first work away hosts as, if I have understood correctly, they were trying it out on us and then plan on taking 6 months off next year to work away around South America. Best be on our bestest behaviour then!

On Monday I set them to lime washing the upstairs walls. You may remember that we had done two coats before the summer and we were waiting to see how it dried before we did any more. Well the hall way especially needed more coverage as it was very patchy. They made an excellent job of the bedroom, bathroom and hallway walls. It is amazing how one coat an make such a difference, but it has, and it is much lighter and brighter now.

Today Vincent and Will returned to attack the downstairs. Rob and I, but mainly Rob, had done the scratch coat a few weeks ago ready for the lime and hemp render. We were keen to get this on before the winter as it will make a huge difference to the chill factor in the house as the main kitchen wall is north facing, which is both cold and where the Tremontane wind blows.

So with Chris back on mixer duty, our workawyers Andy and Sarah jumped in and did a sterling job of rendering. Under the watchful eye and tuition of Vincent! One long day later, they have all done a sterling job, and the first, and most difficult coat, is on all ready for the top coat tomorrow. It is 23h and the house is still and quiet as 5 very tired workers have been fed and collapsed in bed!!

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