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Pointing and a new terrace

It is the silly season here and we are busy with work, guests, workdays and renovations. On top of which there is a heat wave and so we are battling the heat!

That said we have been busy, very, and over the last few months have been edging closer to a finished house. Not there yet though! The back of the house is almost complete with the pointing, Chris and I jumped on the case when Rob was here as it is a huge project and many hands make light work. Pointing is the most relaxing job that we have done on the house as you just can’t rush it! We have rendered and lime washed the kitchen island, and planned the layout for the stone tops. We have plaster boarded the new office space ready to be taped and jointed and then painted. Rob did us a lovely brick arch which I am going to lime wash. We also bought a new toy to cut back the jungle in the garden, it is amazing to see how much land we actually have!

We currently have Patrick from Canada helping us with our front terrace. We have raised the level to stop the floods during the rainy season and have filled it with rubble from Matthieu’s renovation project, earth that I cunningly got the guys from the council to give me from the water project that is going on at the moment, sand from our friend Giles vineyard and stone flags that we have recuperated from around the house! I have to say it was a bit scary have the big tracteur pelle dump all that earth on the terrace, I thought he was going to take down our lovely wall!! Patrick has built us a stone wall for the flower bed and all in all it is looking great. It is amazing how much stuff has gone into building this part of the terrace up, bearing in mind this only half of the terrace and the walk way! We will tackle the other half at a later date, it is going to be at a different level and we need to clean out the old petrol tank which we are going to use as a well for rain water.

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