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Plumbing, a dirty job…

Last week we spent our time torn between making 4 oak doors for Chris’ client and sorting out our plumbing and electrical needs. Pierre came over and helped us draw up the list for the electrics. A confusing task, I had to draw a plan of the house with beds and furniture so that we could work out what plugs we would need and where. Not any easy task when you don’t have walls yet! Anyhow Chris and Pierre went off to Brico Depot to spend a small fortune on cables and bits of plastic so that we can be ready to start to install the electrics when needed.

A more pertinent need however is the bathroom. We were supposed to be out of the gite by now but they have kindly let us stay on as we do not have a room or bathroom ready. So between the 4 of us we moved the waste pipes, put in place all the new pipes and have plumbed in the new, temporary bathroom. Pierre showed Chris what to do and so now we can do the other 2 bathrooms on our own.

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Everyone says plumbing is easy, but isn’t anything when you know how! We will see if we get any leaks, also how easy it is when we go to do the main bathroom before crowing too soon!

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