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It’s been awhile since I have managed to find the time to update this blog, so here goes.

Last Saturday Chris’ Uncle Rob arrived from the west country and our workaways Susan and Paul joined us from their travels. So all of a sudden we were full at the inn again! It takes awhile for everyone to get settled, find their feet and rhythm, but we have been working hard all week.

Rob has done a stirling job with the French doors in (what will be) the kitchen, 3m high by 1.8m wide. He is very meticulous and neat, everyday a bit more stone came out and we took it in turns to clear out the rubble for him. Friday saw the main stone work being tapped out and unfortunately Rob’s thumb with it! He nicked himself whilst tapping the stones out, I hadn’t realised how badly as all he muttered was a very mild damn! Blood spurting everywhere, I had bandaged him up as best I could but nursing is not my forte! Luckily Susan was a Health and Safety Officer so she took charge and then, after lunch of course, I took him to the local doctor how tapped him up and bandaged him and seemed to cause poor Rob more pain than before! However, apart from having a cartoon like bandage I am relieved to say he is fine. Our first accident on site.

This week on top of Rob, Susan, Paul and Youri, Vincent also came to stay for a few days. He had seen my blog about the plastering and was not impressed with the results so came to show us how to do it properly!! He arrived on Tuesday and left on Thursday, we now have the ‘perfect wall’ in one of the bedrooms. It is truly a thing of beauty, I am thinking of framing it! I shall try to take a photo, but the window makes it hard to get the light right! He then proceeded to train Youri, Chris and I on how to plaster like a pro. He is hard task master, walking around poking his ruler into the plaster shouting ‘trop fine’! However we now have 4 walls done and a better understanding of how to plaster. It’s difficult and we need more tools, maybe we can persuade him back to help with the other 30 walls………………..

Saturday saw the first of my events as an independent at a clients venue. It was very difficult to get organised amongst the chaos and the masses but I managed and at 4pm on Saturday evening I drove off with car laden with wine, food, glasses and plaster free hair! It was a great success and felt so good to be back teaching again, I am definitely a better wine lecturer than plasterer!!

I was hoping to get a lie-in yesterday as it was Sunday and I had got home after 1am, uhuh Mr Busy Pants next to me was wide awake at 7am and making sure that I was too!! However we decided that we needed a day off and took Rob, Youri and Olaf (who arrived Saturday night) to Leucate beach for the day. It was a lot of fun and we even swam in the sea, but boy was it windy it was like sandblasting all over again!

So here we are Monday morning with just over a week before we are supposed to be in, are we going to do it???? Well Sam has emailed to say that they don’t have any clients as yet so we can extend our stay a bit longer if we want and as we are flying to Bristol for Theresa’s  wedding on Sunday it might be a good idea. So as I type Rob is doing the finishing touches in the kitchen window, he will take out the pins which will either be a roaring success or the house will fall down – apparently I am not supposed to make comments like that!! Olaf, who is a metal worker and owes us a couple of days work, is putting in supper strong shelves for Chris’ joinery wood so that it can get up out of the way and I don’t have to move the blooming stuff again!! Youri and I are going to try to start the insulation, I forgot to say we got a delivery of all of our roof insulation on Friday – 2 huge lorries worth, thank god there were so many of us!!!

So we need to put up stud walls around the kitchen/temporary bathroom, put up a curtain to section off the bathroom, put in 4 door liners and refit the doors, clean off all of the plaster from the floors, scrub and clean up the rooms, put in some electricity and Bob’s your uncle! Well he is actually..


Of course now that Rob has made this whooping bug hole in the house we need to get some windows in quick, anyone know of a joiner…..

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