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Peeing in privacy!

It’s the little things that count. We have now plumbed in the new loo and have half a working bathroom, but most importantly, one with a door! We have decided against putting the old stone sink into the bathroom and instead will use a ceramic one that I got from a salvage yard and use the stone sink in the kitchen. It is more in keeping with the modern fittings in the bathroom. However that does mean that we need to get the stone sink downstairs. Not sure how as it is darn heavy!

The floor will have to wait as we have run out of joists to build it up and need to concentrate on bringing some money back in now that Chris’ saw is fixed. However we did manage to put in the floor to the mezzanine, it went up very quickly and looks pretty good. So that is it for now on the house, I have spent the morning rearranging and turning the place back into a house rather than a building site, well it is always half a building site.

Progress will be slow now until our next workaway, Peter, arrives in early January. I am hoping that he will be able to help me start on the plastering in what will be our bedroom and bathroom. Although I might get him to help finish off the bathroom, depending on where we are at with that. Garth has also vaguely offered help with plastering as we went, with workaways, last week and helped lay his kitchen floor……..

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