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Paint and Plaster

On the whole we have had few disasters, however they are not unknown and are always very painful when they happen. We are both time and cash poor which means when we do something we really do not want to be redoing it later on. So it is with much frustration that I am confessing to our plastering disaster!

Mark, whom has been working for Chris over the winter, had done a plastering course in the UK and was keen to help us as we had done him a few good turns. So we decided to take him up on his generous offer of a free days work and rope in Junior, our Belgian neighbour who had promised us a days work, and attack the large wall in the living room.

With Louis in the crèche for the day, away from plaster dust and chaos, we were four to plaster the wall. Me on mixing and loading duty and Chris and Junior taking the lead from Mark. The boys worked fast and furiously and were finished before lunch and in a moment of madness decided to attack the hallway after lunch! Well less haste and all that as the walls looked terrible! Mark was used to English plaster and plastering which is quite different from French and we didn’t stand our ground enough to insist it was done thicker. Ho hum, very sad and frustrating as everyone worked really hard but the results were not good.

So we called in another favour, thank heavens people owe us!! And our lovely artist friend Garth came over and redid the big wall in the living room with us. We have decided that the first coat is like an undercoat and actually it has made the wall look more solid now! We also managed to do the library wall along the landing. So that is good, the wall is drying nicely and I am no longer cringing as I eat my dinner!! However the hallway still needs to be addressed, well one thing we discovered by doing it so badly is that it needs to be really good as both the natural and electric light is very unforgiving! Which means we need ‘super plasterers’ Vincent and Will to come to the rescue. Vincent needs a window, which is rather fortuitous. However Will needs paying and unlike us who try to bite off more than we can chew, Vincent and Will will not be hurried! But then it looks great afterwards. They also use a lot of plaster, and I mean a lot! So we are currently saving up for their visit and in the meantime I stare at the floor as I walk down the hallway!

Our bedroom is coming along now, we have painted the walls and ceiling, done the top coat of lime wash and I am just painting the windows now. We have also oiled the beam and lintels and they look superb. Chris is hanging and building doors and we hope to lay the floor sometime soon. Which means we could be in our bedroom by our deadline (this is our third deadline now!) which is our wedding anniversary. We will see!

Oiling the lintels
Oiling the lintels
The beams
The beams


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