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Oooh sommes nous ……

Well it is Friday afternoon and I have had enough, I am knackered! Youri and I have cleaned both houses. The gite has been cleaned and rearranged to house 6, from tomorrow onwards we will be 6, sometimes 7! We have sanded all of the paint off of the walls ready for plastering, swept and tidied in readiness for great productivity next week!

In fact we have only 2 weeks to finish plastering the rooms that we will be living in, plasterboard the kitchen/bathroom, put in 4 doors, put up some sort of shower curtain plus a dividing curtain between the temporary bathroom and kitchen, get the electrics in order so that we can run a fridge, cooker and have lights, put in 4 new openings, oh and Chris needs to make a door from scratch for a client and I have a big wine and food tasting next Saturday!!! Noooo problemo!

The good news is as the plaster has dried it actually doesn’t look too bad. However I am delighted to say that we are getting help from Vincent ( he from La Serpent with large van that helped us move). Vincent is an expert plasterer, and in fact is very knowledgeable builder altogether. Which is blooming marvelous as quite frankly I am beginning to feel tired and was rather overwhelmed with the challenge of plastering the entire house on my own!



  • Dingle Van Does Europe
    Posted May 16, 2011 8:36 pm 0Likes

    Hi guys
    Love reading your blog, but my god, please make sure you have the odd day off or you’ll burn out!!! Well done on everything you’ve achieved so far. We’re in Greece at the moment by the sea after working on a farm. Off to Athens in a couple of days. Will keep in touch. Good luck with the renovations! Love Sharon and Jason xx

  • clare@clarepernice.com
    Posted May 17, 2011 3:10 pm 0Likes

    Wow!!!!! Amazing job you’re doing, I wish I could be there, so busy here though …love to have helped with the tinted plaster work! (Save a mural for me!!) Now you know how to rebuild a house from scratch bravo! Have had guests over w’end but will call today. Love to you and Chris xoxo

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