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Moving on up

As ever it has been an absolute age since I last wrote on this blog. Mainly as we have taken a break over the summer from ‘house’ work as this is my busy time for ‘client’ work. We also managed to sneak in a few weekend camping trips to restore our sanity, it had been the best part of four years since we had taken a proper break for ourselves and it was much needed!

Anyhow taking a break just means that things slowed down as they never stop completely. We have been busy completing a few tasks and starting new ones. The shower in the main bathroom has finally been tiled, we had been sitting on the tiles for 9 months, how ridiculous is that! Anyhow the tiling was a lot easier and quicker than we had feared, which goes to prove that the thought of a thing can often be worse than the actuality. We are in the process of plumbing in the last few radiators. We have the tiles for our bathroom shower and hope to start that tomorrow, which if we do that will complete our bathroom.

A friend in the village who is building his house had need for the large green sliding door that we didn’t want so he came and took that away and helped us dig out a parking space along the driveway for my car with his tracteur pelle. Then when Rob and Wendy came to visit, Rob kindly built a beautiful stone wall to demarcate the parking spot and stop the embankment collapsing on my new car!!

The back terrace has been rearranged and beautified with pebbles and a gate. We have water butts catching the rain fall from the gutters on both the front and rear terraces (not enough mind but it is a start). The flues have been sealed up and Chris scarily went on the roof to check the tiles ready for winter. We happened to time all our wood deliveries with visitors so we cannily managed to move an enormous amount of wood in three separate occasions with the hep of mum and dad; Liza, Steve and the boys; and then Dom, Jayne and their boys!! Must time it that well again next year!!

We have finally decided what we are going to do with the small room off of the current kitchen; it was originally a bedroom which we changed into a temporary shower room when we moved in then we were going to make it an en suite, then a small dormitory!! None of these really worked for us so we have cut an archway through to the hallway which creates a flow. We will then close it off from the temporary kitchen to create a separate space and it will be our office with a sofa bed and a mezzanine storage. Much more practical.

Our plans over the winter are to build over sized floor boards for the dining room, lay the underfloor heating in the dining room, then said boards. Plumb in all of the downstairs radiators, put up the plasterboard wall in between the kitchen and workshop. Plaster and paint that wall. Plaster the island unit, (sadly the stone top will have to wait as my car died and the money we had for that went on a new car!) Create the new office space, finish off the skirting in the rooms upstairs. Clean out the old petrol tank on the front terrace and get it ready to hold water. Water storage is essential here, we have serious problems with drought, this year we ran out of water before summer started as we have had such little rain and they were shipping in two tankers of water everyday. So we must recoup what we can ourselves. Take out a few trees in the garden and possibly advance some of the pointing as poor Rob never gets a chance to finish it as Chris keeps giving him other more pressing things to do!!

So if any of the above take your fancy you would be more than welcome to join us!!

Since Chris put the hammock up I doubt we will get anything done now!



Etienne and Chris removing the sliding door




Etienne digging out my car parking space



Tiling the shower in the main bathroom







Cutting the archway from the box room into the hallway






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