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Mother, I’ve been gardening!!

Well it was more like jungling! After two years of neglect I finally took a hacksaw to our crazy, jungle of a garden and cleared it. I blame Rob, he made the back terrace so nice that we have used it loads this summer and we couldn’t help but notice, and feel guilty, about the state of the garden. Two years is a long time, and we have had a particularly wet winter and spring this year so the weeds were having a field day. No more…




It needs a knowing and loving hand (Mother?!) but for now it is cleared and I can sip my evening apero guilt free, especially as Steve will be here soon and I couldn’t bear the look of reproach after all the work he did two years ago!!

Anyhow I wasn’t alone in the garden as I had help in the form of Debbie, one half of our latest workaway couple. We stayed with the New Zealand theme, we have had so many from NZ now that the people of Coustouge think that we have set up an exchange program with the entire country!! Not a bad idea that…..

I digress. Debbie and Jonathan are a lovely couple from the North Island and are currently taking a belated gap year, travelling around Europe in a rather large and snazzy camper van. They came to stay with us for 10 days and were a lot of fun and of great help. Jonathan had the good sense to be a plumber, which I was delighted about. So when they got in touch I jumped at the idea of the hosting them and he came up trumps in helping (well doing really as actually he did it all pretty much on his own!) laying the piping, drainage and screed for the two walk-in showers. He made it all look so easy that it was hard to believe that actually it was quite complicated, especially the curved shape of the main bathroom. So thanks to Jonathan we now have the base for our two showers, all we need now is to paint on the waterproof paint and tile……

Debbie helped me in the garden, clearing a mountain of weeds and beautifying our jungle. She also valiantly attempted to clean up some of the tomettes, we are still going on these! And she was a number one baby bouncer! One of their sons has recently got married so I think Louis was a good practice grandchild!! Anyways they got on like a house on fire.

We said goodbye to them a week ago and this weekend the village had a three day party to celebrate the inauguration of the Ormeau building. So we are now feeling a little jaded but the sun is still shining and Jean and Doug are here, soon to be joined by Rob and Wendy. All go at La Maison du Rire …..

The painted Living RoomImage




Building the complicated shower baseImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Debbie, Jonathan, Chris and Louis 



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