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It’s raining it’s pouring

This last week has been spent in a cloud of dust! As we started to sand back the plaster ready for a second coat. Plaster dust is very fine and gets absolutely everywhere, and this is just the beginning. We also got the guys started on cleaning the beams and walls in the kitchen. It’s a filthy job, we haven’t been this dirty since last winter, but it should be the last of the dirty jobs.

We aim this week to get them to finish in the kitchen and to plaster the wall in between the kitchen and the workshop. This wall will house all the cupboards and storage so we are not too bothered about getting a perfect plastered finish, which is just as well as it is their first go at it!

On Thursday we saw the first rain in the area for months. The land was parched so was in need of a good soaking and boy did it get it! 38 hours of solid rain, 200mm came down and as it was the Marin that was blowing it was at a SE angle which gets in everywhere. That said we faired well, Chris’ windows were water tight, the roof didn’t leak, the driveway draining system worked as did the gullies in the workshop. However we did have water coming in the front and side doors, the stonework above one of the new windows and a swimming pool in front of the house! I also now understand why Valentin, our elderly neighbour, said that he didn’t think we had put the veg patches in a good place. They flooded, so unless we plan on planting rice I don’t think any other veggies could survive that kind of rain! As although we do not get much rain here, only 500mm a year, when it rains it really rains!

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