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It’s hot hot hot here in the Corbières

With temperatures over 30C you had to wonder about the irony of putting in roof insulation!!! Half way through the last week of our big team. Olaf has been and gone, he came to put in the metal shelves for Chris’ wood, which took longer than expected – could this be because there is a pool at the gite? The company is fun? Or that we eat like kings!!! Anyhow Chris now has some incredibly solid shelving for his joinery wood, oh I feel some wood moving coming on!! They are so strong that we have all hung off of them to test the weight!

Rob has been working miracles with our windows. He has almost completed the kitchen French doors, just tidying up the stone edges, and has now started the bedroom window. It is a bit of a race against time to see whether he can finish it before he leaves, but I am thinking of confiscating his passport as a motivator!!! It is great to see the views and all the light flooding in. It does of course mean that we are left with doing the lounge window and enlarging one other on our own, but he has done the hardest for us.

Susan and Paul have been working on the stud walls around the temporary kitchen and bathroom. I am hoping that they might finish by the end of the week, but it is a tall order so we will see!! Meanwhile we have also started putting in the roof insulation, last night we completed the first bedroom and aim to finish the second today. It is a recycled wood fibre so completely safe to touch but it is really messy and Chris, Youri and I were covered from head to toe in fluff!

I had my first swim last night at the gite, admittedly it was a 2 minute dive in with a quick lap, but boy was it needed!! As resident chef I end the day at the house and then have to cook for the masses so whilst everyone has enjoyed the pool I have been slaving in the kitchen……..sob!! Anyhow everyone is slowly departing, Olaf left yesterday, Youri goes on Friday, Susan and Paul Saturday and Rob on Sunday. We are really looking forward to going to Theresa and Dave’s wedding, then a day at the beach before our next work away, Rory, arrives! My business has kicked off so I am busy juggling wine events, which is just as well as the funds have run dry and we need to bring in the cash!!


Oh forgot to say we also have the beginnings of proper electricity as Pierre has started putting in the big fuse box and Chris and I have put in plugs and light sockets in the two bedrooms. Now all we need is some light fittings!

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