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In the land of spare ‘oom

To quote Mr Tumnus. What about it? Well we have been working on it, we have plastered the ceiling and the two remaining walls, and passed the Vincent test – he was impressed! Yeheh! I have painted everywhere and we are now laying the floor and underfloor heating. Although that seems to be more faffy then it should be. Ain’t that the way of it though. It is an experiment that we are trying and if it works we will put it in the rear part of the house, where we will spend most of our time.

The walls are off white as pure white is not a good choice in an old house, shows up all the defaults! With one of the walls a deep brown, it was supposed to be chocolate. Well it is chocolate, albeit with a high cocoa content, none of yer Dairy Milk here thank you! Still not managed to get the bronze paint for the radiator, I have however made it less brilliant gold. Ho hum!

We have insulated the floors with loose ‘ouate de celulose’ (recycled paper), at last we get to use it after researching it for over a year. The insulation goes under the pipes for the heating to keep the noise out, it is then covered with a thin layer of foil insulation to protect it from the hot pipes. The pipes, annoyingly came insulated so we had to take off the insulation before we could lay it as in this case insulation is unwanted, we want the heat to escape through the floorboards and heat the room. We had 100m of pipe that we had to unwind so as to remove the outer layer. Even in this house there was not enough room so we rolled it out into the village, through the house and then across the field behind the house. Well what are we here for if not to amuse the neighbours! Major faff that was, but we managed eventually and got the darn tubes into place ready for the boards to be laid the following morning.

Laying the floor was relatively easy, firstly because Chris did most of it and secondly because that is his forté, he knows what he is doing and has all the necessary tools! Now all I need to do is to paint the floor and Chris needs to make some skirting boards, but they might have to wait a bit. We are pushing to get it finished in time to move into this weekend as Garth is coming to help plaster and we need a room to put him and Meliana up in.

Almost there..

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