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Catch up

It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog, mainly because we have been busy with other projects and this is a blog about our renovation. We left off with finishing the lime and hemp render upstairs. And over the summer this is drying out, in the living room it looks almost dry as the walls here are south and west-facing. However the hallway and the bathroom walls are still very patchy as they are north facing and so will take longer.

Before he left Rob made good the outside of the house where we had removed the door and replaced it with the window.He did a great job, very neat and now that huge external south wall is ready to be painted and for me to plant wisteria and lavender along it.

Chris has been swamped with work. He is now at the stage with his business where he was in London before we left, which is excellent and has happened much sooner than we expected. However it does mean that work on the house is sporadic as he just hasn’t had time to do anything here.

Chris’ business doing so well has slowed down the progress on building the wine school which obviously has slowed down my business. This would be frustrating for me if it wasn’t that a certain something has already interfered on that score!!

Louis Raoul Kershaw, born 8th July 2012

Not that it won’t happen it is just that we decided to concentrate on the upstairs this year and get the school ready for next summer instead. So as I write Louis is squirming next to me and Chris and Fred are planing up the wood for the casements for our windows. So by early September we should have 4 new windows in which I am very excited about as the one in the hallway above the front door is the last to be knocked out as it is still currently bricked up.

After much cajoling Chris fitted the wooden surrounds on the bath and sink. They had been cut and painted and sitting in the workshop since May! Our next projects will be for the autumn. Vincent and Will are going to come back and render the downstairs, which will make both a start on the kitchen but also keep the wind out this winter. Chris is getting closer to starting the staircase, we reckon we have 3 months before it becomes a matter of urgency!! I suppose as long as we have the banisters in that will be OK. We are hoping that Rob can help us in September with the balconies in the living room and our bedroom, then we can put up railings and it not be such a suicide trap! Then we can look at completing our bedroom and bathroom.

Hmm seems like a lot, oh well we will do all that we can. We are getting help with the stone wall around the south terrace as sadly Jonty has not come back to complete it so we have asked David from the village. He has done several in the village and does a great job. That will make a big difference as at present we cannot move in the garden for the huge piles of stones! We have also started to get our wood in for the winter. We need to get 2 years worth in this year so that we can season it properly and we won’t be running around like headless chickens looking for dry wood in the middle of winter like we were last year! So Chris and James have built a wall around the south terrace with this winters wood, ruins the view somewhat but it is only temporary.

So that is us for now. Next stop windows and then possibly stairs…..

winter fuel

the sink

our smart bath

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