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I’m gonna rock down to, Electric Avenue!

We spent most of last week working on the windows. Chris has started 3 of the windows, the 3 most urgent which are the ones that we have opened and covered with plastic sheeting. When we lived in the gites this was fine but since moving in the noise of the plastic in the wind is very annoying. So whilst he builds I plane, sand and paint. We hope to get 2 in by the end of the week, depending on when the glass turns up, and then he can start on the next batch. We need to get all the windows that are currently boarded up done by winter and the ones that are just old and ugly can be done at a slower pace as they are less urgent.

The beginnings of the windows. All of the wood has to be cut, planed, cut again, sanded, morticed and tenoned, sanded, sanded, treated and then painted!

On Friday Sarah and Jonathan turned up, as Jonathan had kindly offered to come and help. So as always we jump at the chance of help and eagerly accepted. He is a man with a big brain and electrics are his thing so we decided to finally get some lighting in the atelier. We had bought the lights over 4 months ago and had just not had the time or ability to put them in!

Well that is very nice but I am not sure that we need an electric wheelbarrow Jonathan!!!

Jonathan fits the strip lights
The moment of truth as Chris flicks the switch, will it work...
Yeheh we have illumination!

Sarah, because of her terrible back condition, was not up for building works. So instead she bought fabulous homemade sticky buns, chocolate cake and crumble. That’ll be enough sugar for awhile for us then!!

Nooo, you don't want to do it like that, Sarah advises!

On Sunday we went to see Dominique, one of the architects in the village. He has built his house from scratch, quite literally as not only has rebuilt the walls but he went and got the stones from the Corbieres hills!! Anyone who visits us gets a tour of his house as it is fascinating and he is a fountain of information!!

Anyhow he spent 2 days last week clearing out his pocket handkerchief terrace as he is going to pave it in the old style. This is something that really interests us so we said we would go along and help in order to learn. Admittedly we have enough work here without helping anyone else, but as we got to learn a skill that we would like to use it was worth it. Besides he is a lot of fun and so interesting.

Students hard at work creating the border
See work can be fun!
Our patch of Dommie's terrace!
Paving the old fashioned way

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