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I’m back!

After 10 days teaching WSET courses to the Hawksmoor staff in London I am back home. Back to the sunshine and to the rubble! London was fun, hard work and far too busy. I have had my city buzz for the time being and am happy to be back in rural France. Although it was a real delight to teach great staff and taste such fabulous wines. I also had my fill of curries, in every style, whilst I was there!

Chris has been busy whilst I was gone and despite all the jobs he is working on managed to complete the Great Wall of Coustouge! All we need to do is fill it, which will be easy enough once we knock down some of the internal walls.

Last night we went to a really interesting talk led by Matthieu an architect in the village. He and his wife, 10 years ago saved a group of small houses from dilapidation by forming an ‘association’ and convincing the mayor and all the villagers to join in. Every year they have groups of architectural students who come from all over the world to learn old building techniques. They have done an amazing job, creating a 3 storey building which will be used by the village for the village. The stone work is beautiful as is the carpentry. All old and simple techniques. I learnt a lot last night and got some real inspiration. It’s great to have such a project on your door stop. We stayed quite late chatting with everyone, it’s a nice village and everyone is very friendly. What a contrast to the London tube at rush hour!!


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