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Home alone!

Our workaways left us on Friday and I have to say I have never been so glad to see anyone depart as them! It’s a terrible thing to say, they were sweet in many ways and they worked well. But they over stayed their welcome and were not very respectful of our property and consequentially us. So after being kept awake until 3.30am by them watching movies we told them that it was time to make tracks.

We have however made great progress in the bathroom, the ceiling and walls have been plastered and painted. Last night we took our first bath as Chris plumbed in the bath and built the stand to hold it. It is, however, far from finished. Today we shall look at plumbing in the loo and I am going to paint the flue. We were going to block it in but have decided to keep it exposed as it acts as a second radiator and helps keep the room nice and toasty. I am going to paint it the same colour as 3 of the walls, an off white, so that it will look like a column!

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