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Home Alone Again

This morning we waved goodbye to Chris and Elyse as they slowly make their way home via Nimes and Italy. They have been on the road for 10 months now and were feeling rather travel weary. Chris in particular had had enough and was ready to go home, which makes me wonder how I would feel in the same situation. I had always thought that it would be a wonderful adventure, but maybe it can just all get too much in the end. Enough of fabulous sights, new faces and places.

Anyhow we were glad to have had them as they worked hard and were good company. They managed to insulate all the walls in our bedroom/bathroom, put up the plasterboard in the internal bathroom walls, put in a floor in our cupboard, insulate the floors and run the piping for the underfloor heating, sand all the treads and put in the door liners. So not bad for two weeks!! Cheers guys.

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