Heating ‘n stuff

We ran out of wood last week, all that wood gone! Incredible, I was feeling quite down about it until I realised that we hadn’t actually bought any firewood for 2 years, which means we hadn’t paid for heating for 2 years! Also I had an inflated idea of how much wood there actually was, something to do with moving it from La Serpent to here, then from one end of the workshop to another! It seemed a lot more than it actually was, funny that!

Anyhow we have a remise full of old floorboards to burn so we started doing that. It was a bit of faff to be honest as we had to barrow it up from below, then de-nail it and then cut any long pieces into the correct length. But that would be fine except that they don’t burn well at all and it was really difficult to heat the house. There is a reason why we all burn oak logs you know and boy did it show. So after a short week of frustration we sourced another ‘pile’ of wood and now we are toasty warm again. What a difference, what luxury. We are hoping to be able to source half our requirements for free and pay for the other half, which would be excellent.

To add to the warmth and cosy feeling for Chris’ birthday we installed the ‘poele’ into the living room. Now admittedly most people might want to do something more fun on their birthday but Chris was adamant that he wanted a fire. And so he has. It was rather windy so being on the roof was a little hair raising, not that I got anywhere near it mind you!! It also took an entire day of faffing. Fire regs you know. But I am delighted to say that it is in and it’s better than telly any day. Not sure yet how efficient this stove will be as it is quite small for such a large room, that said we have two rads in here and we are going to close off the room with the big doors fairly soon. Also it was always our intention to buy another, big stove for this room, possibly with a boiler capacity so that we can add heat to  the big tank below. Next year, next year.



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