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Harvest Festival!

Well sort of. Here are a few photos of my attempts of self sufficiency admittedly we have a long way to go before we reach that but not bad for a beginner! We have finished all the lettuces so I need to get some more to plant and the first of the tomatoes are slowly ripening, yesterday we had tomato and basil salad for lunch, the tomatoes were still warm from the sun. We also had the first of our courgettes, ha ha Rory you disbeliever! He had told me that they were all rotten and were not going to grow. It is true that the first few didn’t grow very big and went yellow quickly, however I read somewhere that this is due to the male and female flowers not pollenating properly. So the thing to do is to take a male flower, the ones on the stalks, and rub it onto the female flowers, the ones on the fruit. I did this and seems to have worked as last night we had roasted courgette with lemon thyme and it was delicious!

This week we are moving at a slow pace, I think our trip away didn’t quite provide us with the R&R that we needed so we are not quite full of beans yet. That being the case we are arranging and sorting. We have moved all of the left over insulation downstairs into the workshop, we have enough to do 2/3rds of the workshop ceiling and underneath the kitchen which is brilliant. We tidied up the living room and moved the sofa, chair and cinema upstairs which is much better. Now not only are we using the house properly  but I don’t have to worry about falling off a ladder whilst juggling my cup of tea!

We have also been sorting our accounts and finances. That was fun!! And yes we are officially broke. Ho hum we knew that was coming, it just happened sooner than planned. But that said we always knew we didn’t have all the money that we needed to complete, so back to work to fill the coffers if we can.

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