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We have completed not just the upstairs floors but the kitchen floor, which is an amazing feat. 1680 screws went into the kitchen floor, and I have the aching fingers and hands to prove it!!

Our first ‘work awayers’ arrived yesterday, a lovely English couple called Sharon and Jason. They are traveling through Europe in a beat up old camper van and stopping off at various locations doing ‘work away’ projects. I can’t explain how great it is having two extra people, even if it is only for 5 hours a day it makes a huge difference. This morning flew by.

So all good today, the sun is shining, we have a floor and dinner is in the oven.

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It may not look like much but over the last few days we have put down in the region of 180m2 worth of solid flooring. We came across rotten beams, pulled up tons of tiles and old wooden boards, many of which we hope to reuse. Knocked out millions of rusty nails, swept up sacs worth of filth! And now we can walk safely, pretty much everywhere in the house.

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